Top Amateur... [12-22]
I originally posted part of this to the holdthemoan subreddit, and then learned of this sub, and decided to share. When I was 16 my mother lived across the hall from a couple of gals that were roommates. One was in her 60s (Bonnie), the other in her early 30s. I go over there one day to get something, and find the younger one is putting up stringers and stuff for Bonnies birthday, while Bonnie is knocked out drunk on the couch. She asks me for help with decorating, since it needs to be finished...
The One Thi... [12-22]
hi all this little incidence happened 15 years back and i have still kept a secret untill now. For years it had been a thorn in my heart , but since few days it has been like a beutiful thing a beutiful romance , may be i have matured enough. So thought of sharing this with you , its a beutiful thing its about my mom who had 5 days of getway from the household life and i am sure she must be relishing beutiful memories. I will be elaborating this and will compile in parts because i would like to r...
Three Solid... [12-22]
I've decided to finally contribute and tell you the story of the first time my girlfriend and I had sex together. A little back story first. We both had recently gotten out of long term relationships before getting together. I first met, let's call her Natalie, when she started working where I was and I had always thought she was beautiful, but never tried anything because I had a gf at the time. I left for about two or three years to pursue other things, but came back to help out because they ne...
Secrets You... [12-22]
You arrive at the hotel I tell you to meet me at. It's a large, traditional hotel. The gardens outside are filled with red roses and tulips and you feel the serenity within yourself. As you push through the big, heavy door you are welcomed by a tall, slim bellboy in a red coated uniform. He takes you and your bags to the room. As you climb the steps your body tenses in anticipation as you think of the things we could do in this beautiful setting. You reach the door and open it. You look disappoin...
Details Of ... [12-22]
An old friend of mine recently told me she just had her second baby. So in honor of that, I thought I'd share the story of how I first met her. Shortly after moving away courtesy of a promotion, I found myself back home for a week-long sales training course. The training was pretty bland, held in a nondescript windowless hotel conference room. The tables were organized so that one row faced the other with the trainer walking between the tables. It was mid-afternoon on the first day when I final...



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